Mighty Guides invites top experts and influencers to participate in our ebooks and articles. If you have something interesting to say, we want to feature you and share your insights.

You’ll be in great company.

We make it easy for you to share your ideas with your peers.

We’ll discuss the topic with you through email or over the phone and then we’ll work with a professional writer to write the content on your behalf. 

You’ll then have the opportunity to approve and edit the content before it is published.

The content will then be published in your name and you’ll be credited as the author.

Participating is free.

We don’t charge to participate in our ebooks and article, and we don’t pay experts either. Experts enjoy participating because they enjoy sharing insights with their industry peers, they receive a really nice piece of content published in their name, and they gets some nice visibility once the content is promoted.

To learn more about becoming a Mighty Guides expert read our FAQ