James Shank

James Shank, IT and Cyber Security Program Manager, PSEG

Robust ICS Security Requires A Multi-Layered Approach

  • To defend your ICS environment against an attack, analyze and assess network communications touching the outside world—particularly inbound transmissions.
  • A single layer of defense can easily be defeated, but a multilayered system is much harder to compromise without being detected.

“If you have to exchange information in a bidirectional way, you need to carefully evaluate what data you’re allowed to transfer in and out.”

James Shank is IT and Cybersecurity Program Manager at PSEG, where he manages the ICS security program for a three-unit nuclear facility that must adhere to the regulatory requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He feels that robust ICS security requires a multi-pronged approach incorporating strategies such as network monitoring, control of portable and mobile devices, and several layers of defenses.

This is an excerpt from Reducing Industrial Risk. The eBook was generously sponsored by PAS.