The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Alex Papadopulos, Striata, Head of Operations
  • Dave Waterson, SentryBay, Founder and CEO
  • John Maddison, Fortinet, Corporate and Product Marketing
  • Robert Shullich, Tower Group Companies, Enterprise Security Architect
  • Linda Cureton, Muse Technologies, CEO

Securing Your Network and Application Infrastructure was generously sponsored by Fortinet.

For all the attention data security has received in recent years and all the technical advances in risk detection now available to protect network infrastructures, you might imagine that data are safer than ever before. Unfortunately, the number of recent, frighteningly large data breaches contradicts that notion. In the past 18 months alone, we have seen breaches at Adobe, eBay, JPMorgan Chase, Target, Home Depot, Community Health Services, and the US Government that together compromised more than 500 million records. Will the world ever be a safe place for the data so vital to businesses and individuals?

With the generous support of Fortinet, we have created this eBook to help you better understand the security challenges that business—and midsized businesses in particular—face today. This eBook is a compilation of responses to the following question:

What are the greatest challenges you face in securing your network and application infrastructure?

A range of industry analysts, consultants, and hands-on security experts provided responses to this question. They offered fascinating insights into the security challenges we face today— security issues made even more challenging because of the changing character of infrastructure and its loss of network perimeter, rapidly evolving application environment, lack of security awareness among users, and the increasing complexity of security solutions. Attacks and data theft have also become a big business underwritten by sophisticated, well-funded entities.

Security and vigilance are a never-ending battle, but I trust you will find the many perspectives provided by those who are on the front lines useful as you work to secure your own business infrastructures.