Harriet Ayoade, Vice President, Marketing, JP Morgan Chase

Pilot Your Way to a Superior Customer Experience

  • Large, complex organizations that are less nimble are at risk of falling behind smaller firms when it comes to implementing people-based marketing and measurement.
  • Big companies can leverage the power of pilot programs to determine fit, usefulness, and the impact on the customer experience prior to a full-scale technology implementation.

“When brands pilot [technology], managers and leaders get to see interaction with the consumers. The more they’re able to see positive results, the more it helps companies to buy into people-based marketing.”

“Companies want to be customer obsessed, but many of them don’t have a way to look through the data and mine it in real time to understand what’s going on with consumers,” says Harriet Ayoade, vice president, marketing for Chase Bank. The gap between what companies want to achieve and what their technology enables is especially significant at large, established firms, which typically take longer to invest in new infrastructure than small firms do. As a result, larger companies could be at a disadvantage when it comes to creating seamless, personalized customer experiences. In Ayoade’s view, most big companies recognize just how important people-based marketing and measurement are to the customer experience, but need to overcome two key implementation obstacles.

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact. The eBook was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.