Richard Sluder

Richard Sluder, Middle Tennessee State University, Vice Provost for Student Success

Technology Initiatives Guide Student Success

  • Technology integrated across the institution allows advisors to track and monitor student achievement and progress and respond to potential challenges to ensure that student retention and completion remain high.
  • Student success starts with invested leaders and becomes part of the institutional culture, from registration through graduation.

“I can search and filter within seconds to identify all the first-year students who have less than a C average in any course at midterm. Then, I can communicate with those students to ask them to come in, set up appointments.”

Richard Sluder, vice provost for student success and the dean of University College at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), joined the university in 2014 shortly after it implemented a new program called Quest for Student Success. The university hired 47 new advisors and implemented an advising platform with predictive analytics.

This is an excerpt from The Future of Higher Education. The eBook was generously sponsored by Ellucian.