Marcos Bueno

Marcos Bueno, Vox Media, Inc., Head of Vox Studios

Automation Can Enhance Media Production And Consumption

  • Automating the identification of concepts, objects, and brands in video images would create a much richer body of metadata around video content.
  • New levels of automation can enhance the user experience by enabling video publishers to adjust content in nearly real time.

“With metadata and digitized contracts, we’ll be able to automate permissions questions, like are we cleared to show a video or play a music track in a particular country.”

Automation is having a big impact in media production, says Marcos Bueno, head of media technology for Vox Media, which does production work for a number of media brands. One example is automating the creation of closed captions for video. By using voice recognition technology, real-time transcriptions are made with over 90 percent accuracy and “baked” into published assets. This lowers the costs and makes it possible to add closed captions more easily to video. There are other benefits too, Bueno explains. “There’s value in terms of video performance by committing to being more inclusive of broader audiences, creating something that’s more user friendly for the social media type of content consumption, and making content more accessible to differently abled audiences. And with us shooting over 150 videos per month in NY alone, it’s the only way we can keep up with that scale.”

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.