Irving Albrecht, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, VP, Marketing and Retail Sales

Remember That Marketing is Both an Art and a Science

  • Know everything about your markets and customers, and research continuously so that you’re not just being reactive.
  • Use a project brief as a shared reference guide for creative, targeting and messaging, media budgets, images, promotion colors, type style, resources, deadlines, and other project details.
  • To ensure timeliness, lay out and follow a go-to-market plan that specifies critical paths and deadlines for every contributing piece.
  • Track KPIs and attribution all the way to conversion on the back end. Use these data to optimize ongoing activities and improve future campaigns.

“This proactive research gives you the knowledge base to launch a campaign quickly.”

We live in a world of immediate marketing gratification, with digital platforms that enable us to monitor campaigns in real time, make adjustments as we go, test multiple pieces simultaneously, and learn a great deal about how the market perceives us. With all this emphasis on speed and responsiveness, I’ve embraced five best practices to ensure consistent quality in our marketing programs and to make sure that we’re hitting the marketing at the right time to achieve our objectives:

This is an excerpt from 11 CMOs on Delivering Quality Work Crazy Fast. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.