Tracy Kapteyn, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales Operations, TMP Worldwide

Ask the Right Questions and Go at the Right Pace

  • Before buying any solution, be sure it integrates into your existing platform, sends data where it needs to go, and synchronizes on your schedule.
  • As you implement a new system, go at the right pace for your employees, and be sure you’re maximizing the value of what you have before investing in new features.

“I like to look for small wins that don’t disrupt process flows too much to show employees the value in the new system.”

Digital transformation has the potential to create big efficiencies for marketing and sales teams, as long as you’ve thought ahead about how any new system will work with your existing solutions. I always ask three key questions about a new application before we decide to implement it.

Does it integrate with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other platforms? Without integration, there’s no efficiency gain. It just becomes another system or database to maintain, and it may create redundancies. You can avoid these problems by ensuring everything integrates into one common platform.

This is an excerpt from 11 Marketing Technologists on Digital Transformation. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.