What is a Mighty Guide?
A Mighty Guide is a multi-authored publication. Each Mighty Guide is centered around a single question and asks a group of experts to weigh-in, share their thoughts and advice. A Mighty Guide gives a reader the chance to explore many different expert perspectives in a single publication.
Why should I contribute to a Mighty Guide?
Our publications tap the top talent in a particular topic area,  and you’ll be featured with a group of expert individuals from your industry. Contributing to a Mighty Guide means getting a chance to share your expertise and experience in a unique way.  Moreover, the marketing we put behind the eBook gives you great visibility and recognition. Including your social media information and links to your personal website, blog, or LinkedIn profile also allows for great networking opportunities.
Who is featured in a Mighty Guide?
Top experts and influencers in a particular field — people with something important and insightful to say.
How is a Mighty Guide marketed? How does this benefit me?
Our sponsors aggressively market each eBook using various methods. The campaigns they create may include blogs posts, paid ads, organic social media marketing, email campaigns, direct mail, podcasts and/or webinars.
Is there a cost for participating?
No cost and no obligation to do anything. If you would like to help promote the book that would be appreciated. The interview with a professional writer takes about 30 minutes of your time. Once published, the eBook will be free to download, but will require registration for a few months on the sponsor’s site. After the exclusive period (about three months) the book will be available without registration.
How did Mighty Guides find me?
The Mighty Guides research team uses LinkedIn and organic research to identify experts who are right for each eBook. They look at industry, experience, klout, company size and geographic location. If we reached out to you, it’s because we think you’re a perfect fit.
What do I need to do to contribute?
  Contributing is simple. As soon as you decide to get involved, we will set up a 30-minute phone call with a writer. The writer will interview you and write up an article. We also ask you to provide basic bio information and a headshot. We will send the article draft over to you (usually 2-3 weeks later) as a Google doc for your approval. You will then have the opportunity to request any edits you would like to the article. After this, the eBook goes into layout and publication. The process from beginning to end usually takes 2-3 months. As soon as the eBook is published, we will let you know and we will send you a PDF copy for your personal use. We will also begin heavily marketing it. There are no marketing obligations whatsoever but we do ask you to share the eBook with your network.  
Do I need to prepare in advance for the interview?
We will send you the main question that you will be answering prior to the call. As long as you understand the question and can share your advice and feedback on the topic, you don’t need to prepare any further. The writer will guide you through the process. One tip we can offer is that it is good to include an anecdote or personal story from your experiences to illustrate your point.
Do I have to mention any products or companies?
  No. We don’t ask contributors to mention products or companies. We simply want to hear your advice, insights, and interesting stories.
Can I approve the article before it’s published?
Yes. After your interview, our writer will send you a draft of your article. At that point, you have the chance to suggest changes. We’ll work with you until you’re happy with it.
Does the book have to list my company name?
We prefer that you use your current company and job title because it provides a context for your advice. However, we understand that at times, it is not possible for people to list their company name. In this case, you can just describe the type of company/industry instead. For example; Marketing Manager, Major Online Retailer or you can just list your job title and leave company blank.
How can I help to market the book once it’s released? Can my company get involved?
Of course! Once the book is released, we will be in touch with ways that you can help market the book. If your company would like to get involved in helping to market the book, or would like to do something special with your article (publish it as a blog, print it to distribute at a trade show, etc) we would love to speak with them to coordinate, so feel free to have your PR or marketing contact get in touch with us!