Joseph Montcalmo, Johns Hopkins University, Director, Academic Technology and Instructional Design

Innovative Online Education Improves Classroom Education

  • Effective online learning courses must be created with specific goals in mind, but they don’t have to adhere to what is considered traditional learning. Innovate online learning both by topic and by technology to satisfy specific needs.
  • Broadening education first requires the understanding that increased access to education will necessarily change the way educators think about presenting learning materials to students in physical and virtual classrooms.

“We need to chunk learning into smaller pieces and figure out how to intersperse activities and reading and things that will keep the brains of these really smart students engaged.”

The Peabody Institute, part of the Johns Hopkins University, is the oldest conservatory in the United States. “There’s so much knowledge here, and the faculty have so much to share,” says Joseph Montcalmo, director of Academic Technology and Instructional Design at Peabody. “The only limitation on how much students can get out of the university is that they have to come to one of our campuses to learn, both for one-on-one lessons with instruments and for classwork.”

This is an excerpt from Expanding Educational Opportunity. The eBook was generously sponsored by Blackboard.

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