Deborah Ludford

Deborah Ludford, North Orange County Community College, District Director

Embrace A Holistic, Long-Term Approach To Student Success

  • Educational technology that follows students throughout the entire higher education lifecycle helps boost student success and identify potential obstacles.
  • Intercepting students’ behavior early, both good and bad, is one of the most effective ways to keep them in the system and help them graduate with their degree of choice.

“Research shows that students who develop a formal education plan early on and who enjoy early successes in their coursework are most likely to persist and complete their degree.”

In her position as district director of Information Services at one of California’s leading community colleges, Deborah Ludford understands the challenges of building long-term solutions that address student needs holistically. Despite a budgeting process that sometimes favors short-term answers, she and her team have recently initiated seven specific technology programs that improve student access and service over time. Ludford points to three of these programs (education planning, customer relationship management, and assessment), as the most promising, and the ones that have her most excited about the future.

This is an excerpt from The Future of Higher Education. The eBook was generously sponsored by Ellucian.