The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Laura DeGraff, Barclaycard US, Vice President – Digital Acquisition
  • Rolf Olsen, Mindshare, Cheif Data Officer
  • Sumeet Vermani, Symantec
  • Jim Sterne, Digital Analytics Association, Chairman

Data-Driven Marketing was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.

Content has long been king in marketing, but that king has now been dethroned. The new king is data. With technologies making it possible to track individual actions, from first contact to final transaction, in an omni-channel marketing environment, marketers are able to shape and personalize content in near real–time so that it drives desired business outcomes.  New marketing analytics and automation tools are changing how companies use their huge stores of data. All this progress is great, but many businesses still struggle to realize the full potential of their marketing initiatives.

In this eBook, which is generously supported by Visual IQ, we have endeavored to discover how companies use data to help ensure the success of their marketing strategies. We asked marketing experts the following question:

If you had to give someone advice on how to turn his or her marketing organization into a data-driven marketing organization, what advice would you give?

I am confident you will find many rich and useful insights in these essays. Two key ideas are the importance of a data-driven culture within the business and management allowing the time needed for a new marketing strategy to prove itself. One cannot enter into this process expecting instant results. Given the proper time, however, data-driven marketing models can deliver impressive, game-changing results. I hope you find these essays as informative as I have