Matt Dewey, Santa Clara University, Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications

A Marketing Team's Success Depends On Building Relationships

  • Assign marketing team members to manage key relationships as if they are clients.
  • Avoid marketing-centric goals, like the number of social media followers. Focus on goals that directly matter to the organization, such as business outcomes.
  • Use key relationships in the organization to help define goals that matter most.
  • Always have a plan, and always work to that plan.

“In terms of process, workflow, efficiency, and getting a polished product out the door, we rely on having strong relationships with everybody we work with on campus.”

One significant challenge for my marketing team is that we have audiences both inside and outside the university. Internally, we speak to faculty, staff, and students, but most of our efforts have external audiences: prospective students and their parents, alumni, donors, and the community. To execute marketing activities that most effectively serve the university’s goals,
we have to do three things:

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