Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen, CSRA Inc, Senior Principal Solutions Architect

Automation Is Improving Speed, Efficiency, And Security

  • To implement an automation solution successfully, first do an in-depth assessment of current processes, build a consumption plan, and evaluate applications for where they can improve performance.
  • Emerging technologies are on the cusp of creating dramatic improvements in the speed and efficiency of complex processes.

“We want machines to learn to be better at what they’re doing, and we want people to have the freedom to innovate and improve the machines.”

As senior principal solutions architect focused on building and delivering cloud solutions for US government agencies, Scott Anderson has been involved in many automation projects, ranging from projects that have cut the average IRS electronic tax filing time from 12 minutes to 20 seconds, to back-end processes that automatically wipe data from cloud instances no longer in use. He has also helped develop processes that issue and monitor grants to make sure their purpose is being fulfilled. This has sped up the granting process and improved grant oversight. “People administering grants or reviewing tax returns used to go through these things line by line. Nobody is doing that anymore because it’s all automated,” Anderson says.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.