Daniel Newsome, Technical Architect, Zonar Systems

Work Incrementally, and Take Full Advantage of Cloud-Native Tools

  • Containers offer security by limiting exposure of code and being easily changeable to fix vulnerabilities, but the host environment also offers protections.
  • Transitioning to cloud-native gives you an opportunity to rethink your entire platform and eliminate bad practices.

“The nice thing about the container model is that containers only expose the ports that you explicitly ask them to. It’s more like a white list than a blacklist philosophy.”

Daniel Newsome’s transition of key on-premises systems to fully cloud-native applications has involved moving one piece at a time. “One of our first steps was moving our identity into the cloud as identity-as-a-service,” he says. “That became the center of everything, allowing us to move pieces into the cloud and still have them communicate with pieces running on our on-prem hardware. We didn’t have to do everything all at once.”

This is an excerpt from 7 Experts on Cloud-Native Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Twistlock.