Omar Sherin

Omar Sherin, Cyber Security Director (OT), Ernst & Young

Don't Measure OT Cybersecurity Risk In Terms Of Financial Impact

  • Plant segmentation, in which different teams are responsible for different areas, makes cataloging assets possible, especially in very large infrastructures.
  • One way to get plant operators and equipment vendors to focus on cybersecurity is to make it a question of plant safety.

“Before discussing how to protect what you have, you need to know what you have.”

Omar Sherin, cybersecurity director (OT) for Ernst & Young covering the Middle East, India, and Africa, has a broad perspective on OT security. “I’ve been a provider of security services as a consultant, I’ve been an asset owner, and I’ve been a national regulator,” he says. “Having different backgrounds has helped me see things from these different perspectives.”

This is an excerpt from Reducing Industrial Risk. The eBook was generously sponsored by PAS.