Joe Staples, Workfront, CMO

The Right Tools Reduce Inefficiency, Increase Speed, and Improve Quality

  • Software tools and automation reduce inefficiencies in the approval process and can help balance workloads among team members.
  • Create clear expectations of turnaround times, and allow for negotiation of deadlines to keep high-priority items on track.
  • Share the creative process with people outside the immediate team to increase the possibility of discovering fresh, innovative ideas.

“If you have a team of 10, the only way you’ll be truly efficient is if all 10 of those people are performing at maximum productivity.”

It’s difficult for a company to deliver marketing material with speed, quality, and efficiency when they’re using email to route materials for approval. It’s even worse for team members who are forced to print materials, then circulate them in a job jacket for review. There’s definitely a better way.

This is an excerpt from 11 CMOs on Delivering Quality Work Crazy Fast. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.