Brian Kardon, Fuze, Chief Marketing Officer

A Great Tool And These 5 Tips Improve Quality And Speed

  • Total transparency allows team members not only to see successes within the team but also to learn from failures as a team.
  • Create global programs to reduce time spent creating and executing separate and disparate campaigns.
  • Slow down and bring other business units into the marketing process to expand their understanding and ultimately increase speed and quality.

“All campaigns can’t be “above average” – we love the transparency and speed at which we can double down on strong campaigns and kill poor ones.”

Let me share a few best practices for improving the speed and quality of marketing processes:

• Know the tools and how they work. Even as CMO, I am engaged in the details of all the technologies in our marketing stack. You should invest in training and certifying your team. I invest a lot in training my team on all the marketing technology tools we use.

This is an excerpt from 11 CMOs on Delivering Quality Work Crazy Fast. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.