Jackie Jenkins, Director of Marketing, Operations, and Planning, Thomson Reuters

Select the Right Team for a People-Based Future

  • For effective people-based measurement, consider setting up a dedicated marketing team of generalists rather than specialists.  
  • People-based measurement allows your value proposition to resonate with each person at each place in the buying funnel.

“With people-based marketing, you really start to see the value in forgoing deep expertise so you can have a team of smart and thoughtful generalists, because now you’re marketing to the whole person.”

Adopting people-based marketing requires the right team, tools and tactics. Because this is a relatively new approach, companies are at very different points on the journey. But almost all of them will face one important question along the way: Is it better to have a marketing team of specialists or generalists?

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact. The eBook was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.