Louise Bousquet, Development Director, Agence Business

Build a Long-Term Brand Vision in a People-Based World

  • People-based marketing creates the opportunity to target people in new ways, but brands may struggle to identify the best segments on which to focus.  
  • Brands embracing people-based measurement while maintaining a strong, consistent identity will enhance their chances for long-term success.  

“People-based measurement is a tool to help you build your brand and stay focused on your customers. Look at what your customers request, but also maintain consistency.”

People-based marketing creates new opportunities for brands to target individuals, but it also creates challenges for marketing teams. Brands can balance these opportunities and challenges by taking a long-term view, says Louise Bousquet, development director at Agence Business.

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact. The eBook was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.