Stephen Green

Stephen Green, Chief Technology Officer: Middle East and Africa

Success depends on asking tough questions

  • Many companies run into tremendous complexities around connecting the applications they’ve moved to cloud with their on-premises landscape. The integrations are much tougher to achieve than they thought, and most of the automation must be rebuilt.
  • When planning on migrating workloads to the cloud, you need to start the difficult questions of what exactly is the future state are you working towards, and how specifically are you going to achieve that.

“We have found that few of our clients have started their journey to cloud with a clear understanding of what it means to their network.”

In our world today, business is constantly being influenced by emerging and maturing technology trends and enablers. One such trend is cloud computing, where we see companies looking to hyperscale cloud providers who promise to be that single solution that enables digital freedom and start-up agility. Our experience shows that, if you are not a start-up, the journey is more complex and the questions you need to ask require a more mature interpretation. As a company we are taking our clients on this journey by asking the hard questions upfront. This way we better understand the desired outcomes and are able to deliver against our clients’ expectations of efficiency and optimisation.

This is an excerpt from Is your network geared for the digital world. The eBook was generously sponsored by Dimension Data.

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