Russell Hoffman

Russell Hoffman, Director, Market & Treasury Risk, KPMG LLP

One Way To Measure Treasury Value Is By How Strategic It Is

  • How effectively companies leverage treasury to manage risk often comes back to the objectives of the business and their ability to invest in systems that are treasury enablers.
  • Modern treasury gives the CFO a new level of confidence in critical financial information so there’s less focus on questioning data and more on business activities that depend on it.

“Now treasury has a more holistic view around how all these risks interplay with the rest of the business.”

“Treasury has evolved to the point where the treasurer has become a strategic partner to the C-suite and the right hand to the CFO,” says Russell Hoffman, director of market and treasury risk at KPMG. At least that’s the case in companies that take full advantage of their treasury’s capabilities.

This is an excerpt from The CFO Perspective – The Strategic Value of Treasury. The eBook was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

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