Deborah Fritz

Deborah Fritz, Acxiom, Sr. Director, Global Head of Sales Operations

Business Automation Requires Effective Change Management

  • For a business automation project to succeed, the business must agree on and define its success metrics
  • Results of an automated process, no matter how clever the AI, are only as good as the data fed into it.
  • A commitment to change management and adoption is important for any business automation project.

“A lot of people are naturally resistant to change and technology, and they need a lot of attention during the change-management process.”

Deborah Fritz has led several high-profile sales-operations automation projects at Acxiom, first in Europe and now in the United States. Ten years ago, she says, “we probably got about 90 percent of our market and client intelligence from the minds of our sales team, and we consistently heard our reps say that they were spending too much time with internal processes and not enough time with their customers.” Data collection was highly manual, prone to error, lacking consistency and ultimately difficult to interpret and respond to for the organization overall. The process wasn’t working for our sales teams, and it wasn’t working for the business.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.