Jay Hemmady

Jay Hemmady, OIA GLOBAL, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Secrets To Business Automation Success—And Failure

  • Organizations should not look at business automation strictly as an IT project but rather as a business-focused initiative involving technology.
  • Change management is a critical and often overlooked component of business automation projects that strongly affects their success or failure.

“Most automation projects that fail tend to be treated as an IT project driven by the IT organization.”

Jay Hemmady’s firm, third-party logistics provider OIA Global, recently automated several business processes using a custom platform it built in-house. To ensure success, Hemmady and his colleagues examined how software was developed elsewhere, learned from others’ mistakes, and gained the knowledge to execute their project the right way. “Before we began the custom software-development project, we found several examples of poorly executed custom software. If there were an eBook on how to do things wrong, we would have written a very fat eBook: The Secrets to Failure. We now know how to do it correctly and succeed,” he says. Here are some of the best—and worst—practices he has encountered along the way.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.