Supriya Raina

Supriya Raina, Director, Global Marketing, Piramal Critical Care

Achieving Greater Productivity With Marketing Fulfillment

  • By partnering with a marketing fulfillment vendor, marketers can better focus on higher-level endeavors such as developing a branding strategy for the company
  • A marketing fulfillment partner can improve inventory control, strengthen compliance, reduce waste, and keep materials up to date.

“It’s good to get a fresh set of eyes on a compliance question or to outsource it to somebody who’s an expert in that area.”

Stephanie Nehmens believes that partnering with an outsourced marketing solution or fulfillment vendor can be beneficial in many ways, from time efficiency to strategically scaling a business. “It saves you time and money to concentrate on the strategic initiatives that your subject matter experts are meant to focus on,” she says. Outsourcing the marketing fulfillment process can also lend your business budget-friendly flexibility. For instance, if you don’t have the resources to hire additional staff to complete specific jobs or carry out certain responsibilities, it can be much more cost-effective to tap your provider’s expertise on an as-needed basis.

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment. The eBook was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain.

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