Vivian Elba, Owner, Max MarComm

Put Your Customer at the Heart of Your Digital Transformation

  • Marketing teams can increase ROI if they have simpler, more efficient processes.
  • Before investing in a software solution, look carefully at your processes, optimize them, and then look for a solution that meets your unique needs.

“If you empower people from the bottom up, that leaves people at the top to do what they do best.”

It might seem strange to start a conversation about digital transformation with a reminder that the customer comes first, but the two ideas are inseparable. Your audience is your bottom line. In my years in marketing, I’ve seen many people forget to ask key questions about their audience before creating content. Whether you operate in business-to-consumer or business-to-business marketing, always ask:

  1. What does your audience really want and need to know?
  2. How can you communicate that most efficiently?
  3. What is your audience’s tolerance for technology?

This is an excerpt from 11 Marketing Technologists on Digital Transformation. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.