Gary Tully

Gary Tully, Gilead Sciences, Global Head of Legal Operations

People And Design Are Key To Automation

  • Business automation is most effective when the people aspect and design are fully considered before technology changes.
  • Change management is also easier when the people involved in the process fully understand it from the beginning.

“The people element and the design are key, in my mind, before you look at a technology.”

Efficient business processes are at the core of Gary Tully’s role at Gilead Sciences, where he strives to ensure that the company spends its money wisely and the labor resources that go into processing invoices are allocated as effectively as possible. “Business processes are connected to two other critical areas that you need to pay attention to: the people aspect and the technology,” he says. “Automating manual processes is one thing, but having automation in and of itself does not create an efficient business process. The people element and the process design are key, in my mind, before you look at a technology.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.