Raoul Tecala

Raoul Tecala, Group Senior Director: WAN

When moving to the cloud, don’t forget the network

  • Many organisations moving workloads to the cloud fail to ask the obvious questions of how end users will connect to those workloads, and how that will impact performance, security, and cost.
  • Cost is important, but so are performance, security, scalability, agility, and operational and business enablement — all the things that come into play when your business moves in directions you may not be able to foresee.

“You’re building the technical foundation for the future of your enterprise.”

Enterprises today are embarking on digital transformations that are causing the greatest changes to wide area networking (WAN) in the past 20 years. Not since multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) replaced frame relay as a WAN standard has there been such disruption in WAN technology. WAN transformation is being driven by the need for improved operational costs and efficiencies, business agility, data security, and the way organisations make IT decisions. What’s causing all this change?

This is an excerpt from Is your network geared for the digital world. The eBook was generously sponsored by Dimension Data.

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