Chris Thompson, Global Director, IT Security and Controls, Bentley Systems

Adopting Endpoint Security Involves Both Business and Technical Considerations

  • It’s important that vendors prove themselves, to show their solution delivers the visibility and advanced detection and response you need, and it plays well on your endpoints.
  • Do not look just at technical questions, but also spend time working on things like compliance related to increased endpoint monitoring, and the vendor service-level agreement.

“I like cloud-based endpoint security. You’ve got to get those logs off the endpoint in near real time so you don’t lose visibility to hackers cleaning up after themselves.”

After deciding to strengthen your endpoint security, there are things to consider that go beyond just the technology itself, says Chris Thompson, global director of IT security and controls at Bentley Systems. If you are looking at a cloud-based solution, you need to have a service-level agreement. You also need to consider the privacy implications of collecting more data at your endpoints, and, of course, you will have to make a business case that supports this added layer of security.

This is an excerpt from 32 Security Experts on Changing Endpoint Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Carbon Black.

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