Rahul Goyal

Rahul Goyal, Chief Operating Officer, Director

Success Depends On Clearly Understanding Business Objectives

  • Working with a service provider, whether it’s for a specific project or broader IT management functions, frees up IT people to focus on what is most strategically important to the business.
  • When deciding what to outsource first, begin with IT functions that have the lowest business visibility and highest cost to the IT organization.

“The key to working with a service provider is ensuring they understand your core needs and how they must satisfy them.”

As director of an organization responsible for membership experience across a number of different lines of business, Rahul Goyal often relies on service providers to deliver the IT capabilities he needs. “Our company goal is not to be an IT shop,” he explains. “Our goals are to serve the members, and deliver the best outcomes for those members.”

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On Outsourcing IT For Strategic Advantage. The eBook was generously sponsored by Ntiva.