Hitoshi Honda, CFO, Director, Corporate Executive Senior Officer, transcosmos inc.

Optimizing Return And Risk With A Single View Of Cash

  • Making the most of every penny is the CFO’s first job, and that makes it essential to have the right visibility into cash holdings and risks.
  • Global expansion increases the need for careful, strategic treasury management, especially in emerging countries.

“Treasury’s contribution is to improve bottom-line returns and provide accountability to our shareholders.”

A CFO’s first goal should be to optimize every cent of the organization’s cash, according to Hitoshi Honda, chief financial officer (CFO) of transcosmos inc., Japan’s largest outsourcer. “CFOs must have the perspective of, ‘If this were my own money, what would I do?’”

This is an excerpt from The CFO Perspective – The Strategic Value of Treasury. The eBook was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

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