Dmitri Poukhovski

Dmitri Poukhovski, Parallels, VP of Operations and IT, Head of HR

Business Automation Brings Efficiency, Accuracy, And Speed

  • Business automation gives a company the advantages of greater efficiency, accuracy, and speed.
  • Leadership’s understanding of the company’s business processes can have a great impact on the success of a business automation project.

“This, to me, is what process automation means. It’s basically how to take things from a manual process into an automated process where they make sense.”

For Dmitri Poukhovski, business automation involves first and foremost taking a manual process and transforming it into a faster, more efficient automated process aided by technology. He’s already achieved this goal through several projects spanning multiple business areas at Parallels, where he serves as VP of operations and IT, as well as head of HR.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.