Gordon Braun-Woodbury, MarketOps Consulting, CEO

Compliance As A Service - Creating A Compliance Culture

  • Creating a service level agreement for compliance processes allows organizations to set out clear guidelines for conducting compliance activities and reviews.
  • Capturing and creating repeatable marketing compliance processes protects the organization and can help to streamline the compliance process.

“You want compliance. You want the professional to stay on message. You want to keep him or her out of trouble. But you also want to have as light a touch as possible.”

As the chief executive officer of MarketOps Consulting, Gordon Braun-Woodbury has seen frustration over marketing compliance processes: Prior to opening his consultancy, Braun-Woodbury lived it. He says that to overcome the challenges of marketing compliance, you must treat compliance as a service. “When I worked for a ‘big four’ accounting firm, I spent a lot of time on a major organizational education issue. Many of the people we were working with didn’t understand the value of brand consistency or regulatory consistency. They felt there was no legitimacy for the central marketing function to have control over what they were doing.” The first time those people were asked to send their marketing materials through compliance review, Braun-Woodbury says that they balked. No one wanted to release ownership of the materials they had worked so hard to create.

This is an excerpt from 10 Experts on Marketing Compliance. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.