Tom Dugas

Thomas Dugas, Duquesne University, Director Information Security

Take A Dip In The Cloud Computing Knowledge Pool

  • Heed the lessons learned by early adopters before moving to the cloud, including how they have adjusted their security strategies to secure cloud services.
  • Expect the way you allocate resources, especially employee resources, to change, but recognize that any savings you experience by implementing cloud services will likely come from other types of changes.

“Take the path already paved. Use what you can from collaborative efforts.”

Institutions tend to fall into one of three phases of cloud computing adoption, according to Tom Dugas, director of Information Security and Special Initiatives for Duquesne University. “The first category is cloud aware, where an organization is just thinking about moving to the cloud. The institution knows that the cloud is out there, but it’s not sure what it’s going to do with it or how to get started with cloud adoption. The second is cloud experimentation, where the institution starts to focus on one particular service—email, for example—to get to the cloud. The third is opportunistic cloud, which is where Duquesne fits. We look at cloud solutions as ‘what is the right opportunity?’ My advice is, figure out where on that ladder your organization thinks it is, and then think about the considerations in each area.”

This is an excerpt from The Future of Higher Education. The eBook was generously sponsored by Ellucian.