Alan Greenberg, Wainhouse Research, Senior Analyst & Partner

Tap The Cloud To Expand Education For Everyone

  • Technology evolves at such a rapid rate that most institutions struggle to maintain current versions of applications. Cloud technologies reduce this burden by handling updates and upgrades without disruption to users.
  • Successful technology implementations require thorough planning, stakeholder buy-in, and outside assistance to ensure that you’re not only tapping into the most useful features of an application but also that the implementation is one that users will adopt.

“It’s imperative that schools trust the cloud or hosted services because they don’t have the people power to run technology and they don’t want to go through all these constant refreshes.”

“The idea of delivering education to people who are remote or don’t have access to the same resources as those in other areas is not new,” says Alan Greenberg, a research analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “Twenty-five years ago, every single state had some type of high-speed network that was running educational and other content from universities and colleges to schools, government, and institutions. Now, the world has evolved so that you don’t have to have satellite or super-expensive distance learning classrooms to actually reach people.”

This is an excerpt from Expanding Educational Opportunity. The eBook was generously sponsored by Blackboard.

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