Dave Schneider, Red Wing Shoe Co., Chief Marketing Officer

Be Cognizant of Consumer Expectations

  • First and foremost, think about who your consumers are and their content experience expectation will be.
  • Be sure you have the right proficiencies in place to develop the work and that you are totally clear on roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the process.
  • Build out the maker community with resources that are two or three deep across your critical execution media.
  • For speed and quality, your maker community needs to be stable, but you also need to have a process for vetting fresh talent, thinking, and ideas.

“To avoid false starts or surprises along the way, we frequently review the brief to be sure that we understand our objectives for messaging, customer experience, and business goals.”

My marketing team has a classic structure, with marketing managers and directors who own the brand relationships, including the development and delivery of marketing plans for those business units. We also have a shared services suite with deep subject matter credentials in areas like search, digital, and creative, and the brand management teams draws from that pool of resources as needed for their projects. In addition, we have a corporate communications function as well as a store design and experience team. As manager of all these teams, I believe that marketing has an accountability to do two things at all times: Build long-term brand equity and drive short-term profitable sales. While there are many additional metrics we regularly view, these are the two measures we use to evaluate our team’s performance of the marketing team above all else

This is an excerpt from 11 CMOs on Delivering Quality Work Crazy Fast. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.