Rob Lopez

Rob Lopez, Group Executive: Digital Infrastructure

Building your digital business on a solid network infrastructure

  • Many growing pains associated with digital transformation are rooted in the fact that enterprises, consultants, and service providers fail to consider their solutions in the context of an entire enterprise IT environment.
  • The first questions need to be, what are you trying to achieve in your business? What role do your applications play? What insights can you get from your data? What do you need your network to do for you?

“As IT infrastructure becomes more decentralised, the network is the glue that holds the entire enterprise together.”

It used to be that technology was a limiting factor. An enterprise could dream up products and services, but the technology to deliver on those great ideas often wasn’t there. Now we are in the middle of a new industrial revolution where people have become the limiting factor. Technology is moving faster than many enterprises are able to apply it effectively.

This is an excerpt from Is your network geared for the digital world. The eBook was generously sponsored by Dimension Data.

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