John Meakin, Former Chief Risk and Security Officer, Burberry

Businesses Must Focus on Protecting Information

  • As businesses place a greater value on maximizing data insights, they must adjust their security focus to protect information, not just infrastructure.
  • Security leaders have an important role to play in crafting a tailored security approach that protects information while enabling business strategy.

“Customer transactions are taking place using infrastructure that is completely outside of a retailer’s control—on a smartphone app like WeChat, for example.”

John Meakin believes the need to protect modern assets has led businesses to place a new focus on securing information rather than simply defending infrastructure. This is a result of companies capitalizing on the value of data insights by collecting more information and extracting greater value from it through analysis, explains Meakin, former chief risk and security officer at Burberry. In such a dynamic environment that places a high priority on customer engagement, a CISO must also adjust his or her mindset accordingly and craft tailored approaches that enable business strategy.

This is an excerpt from Reducing Cyber Exposure From Cloud to Containers. The eBook was generously sponsored by Tenable.