Robin Familara

Robin Familara, ICS Cybersecurity and Network Engineer, Shell

Identity Access, Asset Inventory, And Incident Response Are Key

  • Identity access, asset inventory, and procedures for responding to and recovering from an attack are keys to a strong ICS cybersecurity program.
  • Good communication between remote network engineers, on-site engineers and system owners makes it easier to update the asset inventory to the most possible accuracy level. Of course, there will always be room for enhancement through optimization and automation.

“You have to protect the identity access or the identity management— that’s the first layer of your layered defense and defense in-depth security.”

Robin Familara is responsible for ensuring the safety, operational compliance, and security of industrial control systems for large oil and gas installations. These cover a variety of onshore and offshore production environments with different levels of criticality. Although many of the control systems are modern, some are old enough that they do not have the capability of connecting to a process control domain.

This is an excerpt from Reducing Industrial Risk. The eBook was generously sponsored by PAS.