Luiz Cançado

Luiz Cançado, Industrial Control Systems and Cyber Security Engineer, Shell

OT Cybersecurity Requires Total Business Buy-In

  • Understanding OT and IT environments not only means knowing what is in them, but also understanding how they operate together, and how they are different.
  • The challenge in integrating IT and OT is not starting the process—because it’s already happening—but in doing it securely.

“You need to have alignment with business and the system owners, plant managers, cycle management—all must understand the risks.”

Drawing on his experience with both IT and industrial control systems, Luiz Cancado sees a clear convergence of IT and OT technologies. “You see two movements,” he says. “It comes from the bottom up through smarter control devices with more functions, smarter sensors, and wireless instrumentation. And you see it from the top down, from the business side, with new applications that can monitor data from new instrumentation and perform realtime analytics.”

This is an excerpt from Reducing Industrial Risk. The eBook was generously sponsored by PAS.