Patrick Swisher

Patrick Swisher, Program Manager, Billtrust

Collaboration Is Key To Successful Marketing Fulfillment

  • To succeed with your marketing fulfillment, build a collaborative relationship with your partner.
  • Businesses that collaborate well with a marketing fulfillment partner enjoy a higher-quality product, greater cost efficiency, and access to industry expertise.

“Being able to tap the expertise of a marketing fulfillment partner cuts down inefficiencies or potential mistakes.”

Patrick Swisher believes that when partnering with a marketing fulfillment vendor, strong collaboration is of the utmost importance. “Good partners really value their accounts,” he says. “They value your time and the collaborative partnership that they have with you. That’s something that I’ve always looked for when managing the marketing fulfillment for our events.”

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment. The eBook was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain.

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