Trish Torizzo

Trish Torizzo, Charles River Laboratories, Divisional Chief Information Officer, Enterprise & Analytics

Successful PMs Treat Their Projects Like Businesses They Own

  • PMs are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in their project.
  • PMs should live through multiple project life cycles in a variety of roles before they become a PM so that they can
    see what’s not on the page and what’s missing from a process when they do become a PM.
  • PMs must be disciplined about creating and sticking with one standard artifact for communicating project health up and down the hierarchy of sponsors, stakeholders, and team members.

“I expect PMs to decide what would be best given the project, the company, the people, and the culture.”

The core purpose of a project manager (PM) is to ensure successful project completion (and by successful, I mean projects that meet their operational, budgetary, and schedule expectations). Several practices and attitudes can tell me whether a PM will manage his her or projects successfully. The most important of these are:

• PM’s need to see themselves as business owners, and their business is the project they’re managing.

This is an excerpt from What IT Execs Want Most From Project Managers. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.

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