Michael Capicotto, Security Architect, Two Sigma

Protect Modern Assets with Standards and Automation

  • Businesses can better protect their modern assets by setting standards that apply to a range of technologies and providers.
  • Security automation helps a business keep up with a changing landscape while also increasing its overall security posture.

Security will be useful only if it can keep pace with the business and the rest of the IT organization.

Michael Capicotto has witnessed massive shifts in the security landscape over the past decade. Businesses once had physical control over all of their assets and could rely heavily on techniques like perimeter security, inspecting everything that flowed in and out of their data center. Now, Capicotto explains, “You have teams deploying web applications in the cloud and people using mobile devices to access their work email, and that drastically changes how we should approach security. You have almost no physical control over the assets you’re using, and you have a lot less physical control over the data and where it flows.”

This is an excerpt from Reducing Cyber Exposure From Cloud to Containers. The eBook was generously sponsored by Tenable.