Jonathan Potts, Robert Morris University, Vice President, Public Relations and Marketing

Five Tips For Quickly Creating Quality Marketing Assets

  • Have a dedicated project manager who knows what’s needed, who needs it, and when it should be ready.
  • Establish clear deadlines, goals, and objectives, and then communicate those with everyone involved in a project.
  • Conduct a job-start meeting in which you establish what you’re trying to accomplish— the messaging, deliverables, and the timing for the project.
  • Schedule regular checkins and updates for each project to ensure that they’re on track and to address any changes you may need to make.

“Look at how you can repurpose a single piece of content appropriately for the channels you’re using”

As a marketing team leader, I’ve seen many changes to the way that we deliver work with speed and efficiency. From those experiences, I have five tips for creating quality marketing assets quickly:

• Every team needs a good project manager. Teams need someone who is detail oriented and can keep track of things at the 10,000-foot level—someone who knows when the designers need copy, when the video shoots are taking place, when the photo shoots are taking place, when all the deadlines are, and what the lead time is. In higher education (as with may marketing organizations), we don’t have the luxury of having someone whose only job is to be project manager, but it’s always good to identify the person on your team who is most adept at playing that role.

This is an excerpt from 11 CMOs on Delivering Quality Work Crazy Fast. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.