Ed Rybicki, Mérieux NutriSciences, Global Chief Information Officer

Measure Automation Success In Terms Of Total Business Value

  • Always align the automation project with business objectives to make sure the goals are understood in terms of the value they bring to the business.
  • Automation typically involves changing the way people work. Human change management is an essential part of successfully automating a business.

“We have to have clear goals, desired outcomes, and we have to all be aware of what those are internally in order to know if we’re doing the right things.”

As a global company heavily focused on finished food testing, Merieux NutriSciences depends on accurate, quality testing processes to meet its business objectives. Ed Rybicki, chief information officer (CIO) at the company, believes process automation is key to being able to meet the demand for its services and maintaining or even improving test quality. “Globally we process millions of samples each year. Handling that volume of tests and being able to ensure high-quality results would be very difficult without extensive automation,” says Rybicki.

This is an excerpt from The Impact of Automation on Modern Business. The eBook was generously sponsored by CA Technologies.