Harshil Parikh, Director of Security, Medallia, Inc

Making the Case for an Endpoint Security Solution

  • A real-world demonstration can be helpful in making the case for why an endpoint-security solution is necessary from a risk-management perspective.
  • Highlighting risk factors that are specific to the business is another effective way of making the argument for an endpoint-security solution.

“A lot of the work that starts on one of our developers’ laptops impacts our platform because we operate in a DevOps lifecycle.”

As Harshil Parikh knows, it can be challenging to secure adequate resources for an endpoint-security solution. When making the case, he says, it’s important to demonstrate the risk that the business faces in terms that the CIO or CFO can understand so they can make a fully informed decision. “Demonstrating an actual exploit that shows that your company’s laptops are really vulnerable, and what could actually happen as a result,” is a good way to achieve this, he says.

This is an excerpt from 32 Security Experts on Changing Endpoint Security. The eBook was generously sponsored by Carbon Black.

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