Lawrence van Deusen

Lawrence Van Deusen, Group Director: Wired and Wireless

Workplace networks must evolve to support digital ambitions

  • The network has become the fabric that supports the modern digital workplace and a vast array of sophisticated applications and services.
  • Investing in new technologies is becoming critical to delivering the kinds of experiences that employees expect, whether it’s in retail, healthcare, or even business engagement.

“Change is happening, and you should be investing to take advantage of new technologies so you remain relevant and competitive.”

The nature of work is changing. Remote working and mobility is on the rise. Employees looking for better work-life balance and flexible workstyles are driving organisations to embrace a mobility mind-set, and empower their teams with flexible, collaborative, and dynamic workspaces and tools to work securely from anywhere on any device.

This is an excerpt from Is your network geared for the digital world. The eBook was generously sponsored by Dimension Data.

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