Chris Osner-Hackett, Senior Director, Marketing Operations, Kellogg Company

Gain Deeper Consumer Insights with People-Based Measurement

  • People-based marketing and measurement make it easier for companies to understand whether messaging is impeding or facilitating brand growth by showing them how effective their marketing campaigns are.
  • Brands can then improve their messaging or other aspects of the customer experience to drive growth.

“People-based measurement gives a better picture of what across the broad experience drove that purchase.”

People-based marketing and measurement have the potential to increase brand growth and lower costs by helping companies target the right people through the right channels at the right frequency. “If you think about being able to understand when and how you’re reaching an actual person across devices, and not a cookie or identifier, you can better manage cross-channel reach and frequency,” says Chris Osner-Hackett, senior director, marketing operations, at Kellogg Company. “Not only should that drive better reach and better outcomes from the person you’re targeting, but it should also prevent you from oversaturating them with frequencies or serving messages to folks who just aren’t going to purchase your products.”

This is an excerpt from 8 Experts On How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact. The eBook was generously sponsored by Visual IQ.