Erik Bratt, Senior Director, Global Corporate Marketing, Kyriba

Align Your Marketing and Martech Strategies to Avoid Tool Overload

  • Ensure you’re getting the most value out of the technology you use by aligning your marketing technology strategy with your overall marketing and business strategy.
  • Avoid tool overload by regularly assessing your technology to understand what’s foundational, strategic and effective. When buying technology, seek out the advice of peers and try leveraging product review sites to seek out what others are saying.

“Every good marketing strategy starts with understanding your product and its benefits, your messaging, and your target audiences and where they are. Don’t forget the basics as you build your digital transformation strategy.”

As enterprises digitally transform their marketing operations, they are finding they have literally thousands of technology solutions to choose from to help optimize every inch of the customer lifecycle. Unfortunately, this can lead to solution overload. Many marketing departments tend to buy solutions in siloes, to solve a particularly pain point, without giving enough thought to how these tools can work together, how they support the overall strategy, and whether there are enough resources to maximize these tools.

This is an excerpt from 11 Marketing Technologists on Digital Transformation. The eBook was generously sponsored by Workfront.