Josh Canary, Touchstone Technology, Partner

Focus on the Future to Achieve CDM Success

  • The noise generated during the rollout of CDM can be overwhelming. Success results from ignoring that noise and applying solid project management skills to each CDM phase.
  • CDM is a long-term project, and viewing the activities, processes and strategies for achieving success through a long-term lens reduces confusion and clarifies the necessary steps.

“They set a reachable goal. They are well organized in terms of what they’re trying to do and whom they support…It’s not sexy, but a successful Phase 1 can lead to ‘cyber hygiene.’”

About CDM, Josh Canary, a partner with Touchstone Technology, says, “Try not to get wrapped up in the churn”—that is, the confusion that typically arises as agencies implement CDM. Canary warns that agencies “might miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the funding that the U.S. DHS has put together as they move into Phase 3.”

This is an excerpt from CDM From the Frontlines. The eBook was generously sponsored by Tenable.